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G300 Smart VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset
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• Lens diameter: 37mm Field of view: Maximum 105° (actually related to phone size and headband tightness)
• Optical correction: aspheric design Color difference: 0.39mm

• Vision adjustment Myopia adjustment: 0-800° Hyperopia adjustment: 0-500° Distance adjustment: 58-68mm

• Audio system frequency response range: 20 – 20,000 Hz maximum power: 50mW earmuffs: 1 pair of ear-type high-fidelity earmuffs

• Support mobile phone specifications Screen size: 4.5-6.2 inches (refer to the length and width dimensions below)
• Mobile phone size: 160*85mm or 163*82mm
• Recommended mobile phone specifications: 5.5-6.0 inches, resolution between 1080p-2k
• Support Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless controller