Mini laser projector

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External Color: Black.
Laser Source: Red-100mW@650nm, Green-50mW@532nm.
Shoot Distance: Up to 100M (Just play in enough dark environment).
Play Mode: Sound Active, Auto.
Power Supply: AC 90-240V@50/60Hz, 5W. (fit for global power)
Power Output: 5V 1.5A.
Item Size: 105x95x50mm
Package Weight : 0.4kg
1 x Mini Laser Lighting
1 x Power Adater (Fit for Global Power Plug);
1 x User Guide Manual (English)
DJs, Bands, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Roller skating rinks, KTV, Family party, Birthday, celebration, Wedding, Festival, Mall, Store, Shop and other appointed place.
Remote Function:
ON/OFF: laser opening and closing,
AUTO: laser automatic light color,
MUSIC: voice control mode,
FLASH: laser and LED automatic light color,
MOTOR STOP: the button can make the motor stops rotating fixed,
RG: this key can display red and green,
R: this key can display red,
G: this key can display green,
SPEED1/2/3: the key can control the motor speed.
1. This video and display pictures made of heavy bass in the dark with fog under the music mode.
2. Caused of the upload limited, the effect of video what you seen is weak, be sure the real effect will be more amazing and amazing…
3. Keep playing for a long time each time will shorten its life.
4. Place the laser must away from child, and NO directly view the laser light!
5. Must use the laser lighting comply the manual.O100_BTL-1






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Weight430.00 kg
Dimensions150 × 95 × 50 cm



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