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To boost circulation and energize tired feet & legs

Graduated compression

It works by placing the greatest degree of compression at the ankle, then gradually decreasing the compression higher up the leg.

This helps to gently push stale and stagnant blood up and out of the feet and legs (a bit like squeezing the bottom of a toothpaste tube!).

And it’s proven to quickly relieve the uncomfortable and often unsightly symptoms of sluggish blood flow.


As a result, graduated compression is the basic concept behind the regular compression socks doctors typically recommend for preventing deadly blood clots on long-haul flights.


Plus, studies show that the right compression socks can also improve stamina, boost athletic performance, and accelerate recovery time, which is why they’re loved by athletes, too.


CircuBoost is the result of years of research with a team of doctors, podiatrists, and wellness professionals and provides the exact graduated compression used in clinical studies (15-20 mmHg) to support healthy circulation in the feet and legs.

This means the Compression Socks Pro™ are able to produce optimum compression in all the right places, and quickly push stale, oxygen-starved blood back up the legs and towards the heart, where it’s recycled.

This exclusive technology then allows fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow back into the legs and feet helping to relieve to relieve symptoms like pain, swelling, cold feet, tingling, numbness, and blood clots, as well as boost stamina, athletic performance, and recovery.


A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that sitting for 8 hours a day can actually cancel out the benefits of regular exercise. 


While a separate study on healthy office workers by Indiana University showed that after just one hour of sitting, normal blood flow became impaired by as much as 50%!


This inactivity leads to blood pooling in the legs and feet, preventing it from properly flowing back to the heart which then leaves the blood in the lower limbs stagnant and starved of oxygen.


It’s THIS lack of oxygen which causes pain and swelling as well as cold feet, numbness, tingling, throbbing, spider veins, blood clots, and even blisters, sores, and ulcers. And as the legs and feet are “choking,” other serious health problems can develop too.


Research published in Foot – an international peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of medical and surgical treatment of the foot – found that copper-infused socks successfully treat foot fungus.


That’s because copper ions are proven to rupture and penetrate the cell wall of bacteria and fungus, attacking the DNA of the microbe, and killing it.


Why does this matter?


Well, for one, foot fungus is very common. In one study in Belgium involving 90,085 people, it was discovered that over 60% of them had a fungal infection!

And this isn’t something you want.


When it’s growing on your feet, fungus can lead to athlete’s foot, loss of skin and toenails, painful blisters, dry skin, itching, and foul odors.

In many cases, the fungus can spread to other parts of the body too, like the hands and legs. 


More worryingly, foot fungus creates cracks and openings in the skin where bacteria can sneak in and cause serious infections such as Cellulitis, which can cause swelling, blisters, and pain in the feet, ankles, and calves… and those suffering with poor circulation are particularly at risk.


Fortunately, copper-infused fabric like our Copper-i10 can get rid of foot fungus and prevent it from growing back.

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